Enjoy the refreshing time in the handmade log home by the source of Kushiro River

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Canoeing

  1. When and where do we meet?
    We will meet 20 minutes before the starting time. If you are going to be late, please be reminded to give us a call.
    Meeting point is Atreyu.Clickhere for the map
  2. Do we get wet? Do we need swimwear?
    You do not get wet unless you accidentally fall off the canoe. You may get some splashes on your feet at some points, so bring spare clothes if you are worried.If it rains, rain suit and boots are available for rent. Feel free to ask us.

  3. I have never canoed before…am I going to be alright?
    All canoe tours are accompanied by our guide aboard the same canoe, so rest assured.
  4. How rough is the river?
    Kushiro River is known to be mellow; especially in the upper part, you may even see some fish in the water sometimes.
  5. Does it get rained out?
    We usually carry out the tour if it rains. Rain suit and boots are also available, so rest assured. However, we may cancel the tour under hazardous conditions including thunder and high wind.

  6. Cn we carry valuables onto the canoe?
    We would recommend not, as it is hard to retrieve them once you drop them in the water. We have lockers to store them at the lodge.
    We do understand your desire to capture the beauty with your camera though, so we offer additional insurance for your baggage too. Ask us for details.

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